Cryptocurrencies are often positioned as the next big technological advancement. However, few understand the true potential that the asset class is able to unlock. To realize the potential held in these digital assets, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have become crucial for accelerating the speed at which users can purchase their first coins and begin participating in the world of blockchain.

Centralized exchanges (CEXs) do this by involving world experts and leading developers to form a system that improves the user experience, in many cases replicating the traditional finance model investors are already familiar with and offering features including convenience, functionality and security. Despite their utility, there isn’t just one exchange users can buy from, which means investors must then decide which platform offers the greatest features for what they are hoping to achieve.

Tidex aims to simplify this decision as a trading platform, combining all the qualities of modern centralized exchanges with extensive financial experience. Originating in 2017, Tidex was the product of the efforts of an adviser Alexander Ivanov, who was also the creator and CEO of Waves. The platform, which originated as an international offering, registered in the United Kingdom (UK), defaulted with eight languages, including English, Russian and Chinese, since evolving in response to its transition to jurisdiction under the European Union (EU).

Under the EU, Tidex can now deliver an increased level of financial security to its investors. With advancements such as this one, Tidex has since undergone a reassessment of priorities that have now led to a project restart. Now, with a new solution that includes several feature improvements, including technical ones, the team has successfully positioned itself as a go-to choice for quality and convenience in the crypto sphere.

A foundation for blockchain-based projects

With the widespread support of global experts and leading fintech developers, Tidex has added to its list of goals the mission to become the world's largest launchpad. The launchpad is Tidex's own platform, which will provide the foundation for blockchain-based projects to raise capital while simultaneously providing access to early-stage token sales to an early group of investors. 

Tidex will operate with its service-based intra-exchange token, TDX, which is currently a part of an airdrop campaign. With TDX, the team behind Tidex can guarantee the highest level of service, offering special features to all holders. In recognition of this token being a foundation for Tidex growth, the team is opening the first round of TDX sales on May 31.

Another opportunity to get involved in the Tidex ecosystem is in the project's second public round of bidding, which is set to open on the initial DEX offering (IDO) on June 15 in partnership with BlueZilla. This round of bidding will be made available on three launchpads, including BSCpad, ETHpad and Velaspad.

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For participating in these growth initiatives, users are given additional earning opportunities via the platform's airdrop. Throughout the course of the airdrop, Tidex aims to give away $2 million in its native TDX tokens. Beginning on May 25, the airdrop will run for a whole month in conjunction with its newly released reward program.

Building the metauniverse

Alongside the increase in token capitalization, the team’s more recent initiatives have also proven to be successful, with over 100,000 new registrations occurring within one week of the airdrop. 

As the team continues to demonstrate the full experience of the new Tidex, their roadmap indicates plans to continue building the world’s largest launchpad, issue crypto cards for platform users and launch their own marketplace of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). These efforts will prove to be stepping stones to Tidex’s long-term goals, which include the release of a metauniverse, as a new world of virtual digital civilization supported by its own blockchain, with initial tests occurring at the end of 2023.

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