D is for Dogecon Conference SF
Dogecoin is looking to cut a cyber-rug next week at the first annual Dogecon Conference SF in San Francisco, CA. The conference and party will be held on April 25 and is presented by Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer, Follow the Coin, and the Dogecoin Foundation. 

The event will include panels and presentations from Palmer, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, and other entrepreneurs, activists, and investors in the Dogecoin community. 

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency easily recognized by its Shiba Inu “Doge” meme on its logo, has much to celebrate since its inception in December 2013. In March 2014, the Dogecoin Foundation received over $30,000 worth of dogecoin for the the Doge4Water fundraising campaign to support NGOs providing clean water to people in need in Kenya. Furthermore, Dogecoin users, or shibes, raised money to sponsor the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team and NASCAR driver Josh Wise this year. 

Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team

So what does the convention hold in store beyond speeches such as “Companies that <3 Dogecoin,” “Currency as a Language,” and a panel discussing the future of cryptocurrency? In spirit of the community’s positive, feel-good attitude, attendees can expect fun, fun, fun. When videos like this are posted to commend their own success, what else do you expect from shibes? 

Games, pizza, food from Adam’s Grub Truck, and drinks will set the tone for the evening party where digital currency enthusiasts can socialize, all culminating in a costume contest at 8pm. The winner of the contest will receive a massive 100,000 doge prize. 

This 6 hour celebration of sorts is free to attend and will be held in the Wordpress/Automattic Headquarters.

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