Da Vinci in Project Bitcoin

We often write about businesses and entrepreneurs who have chosen bitcoin as an instrument of payment process development. At the moment bitcoin is likely one of the most creative payment method for most countries and businesses. But Project Bitcoin use cryptocurrensy in a truly creative way.

Let me assure you that the whole idea of Project Bitcoin is worth to pay attention to. It is said that “The vision of Project Bitcoin is simple: turn a special central bank issued (bit)coin into a house by a lake by making 20 increasingly larger international transactions using only bitcoin and the people who believe in it. ” To do it, they “must sell that coin for more than its value, and then make buy/sell bitcoin transactions that continuously increase in value until, hopefully.... the house”.


The way it began

The project was launched by one of bitcoin activists - code name Bitcoincito, on 11th of January. On the page about the project Bitcoincito writes: “I became attracted to bitcoin because of its promise. It's promise, to me, is to liberate a world of its dependence on insane monetary policies decided on by politicians and bankers who hold all the chips and want to keep them. Despite my own heavy workload (I love what I do... even if it pays peanuts) I wanted to engage in an adventure, a dance, a love affair with bitcoin, and with people who believe in its potential. It was with this intention that Project Bitcoin was born”.

Soon after the project was launched it received a great reaction from bitcoin users, manufacturers and artists.

The first transaction the project got was the Peruvian Central Bank issued 1 SOL (~$0.35) transformed into a new coin. Bitcoincito said: “I found a metalworker in Peru who was able to shave down one side of the coin and etch the bitcoin logo into it”. So simple idea - turned to be quite successful.


A Plan for the 9th Transaction

Now Project Bitcoin represents a new Last (Bitcoin) Supper. It is the 9th transaction of the project.

Bitcoincito tells the story of Last Bitcoin Supper on the projects block page:

“About a month ago, I received an email from a French painter named Youl. A friend had introduced him to Project Bitcoin, and he felt called to be a part of it. I checked out his work, and I was floored. His work is a rare combination of heart, edge, and technical brilliance”. 

Soon after Youl and Bitcoincito began planning out new painting for the next transaction. 

“After days of discussion, we decided Youl would paint a huge 140x70 centimeter canvas interpretation of Da Vinci's Last Supper. We believed that Youl's painting could tell the story of bitcoin with a profundity few words could even approach”. 

When the 9th transaction of Project Bitcoin will be done it could be considered as a great pay for truly creative work of art.


Last (Bitcoin) Supper

Both Youl and Bitcoincito spend number of nights in France learning about and understanding the history of Da Vinci and his painting. And especially – the stories of each of the disciples on the Last Supper, so that also each disciple of the new painting mapped to a person or archetype in the bitcoin community. 

Also Youl added QR code on the painting that links to a wallet they set up that will donate 100% of any funds received in it to nonprofits specifically doing work to support bitcoin. 

In the end of presentation Bitcoincito asked his readers and followers “If you buy this painting, please let me visit you and the painting sometime. Its the coolest piece of art I've ever seen, its meaning goes deep, and I feel such crazy gratitude for having the opportunity to play a small role in its creation!” 

We wish a good luck to Bitcoincito and Project Bitcoin.




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