Personal Info

Born 1974

Currently calling in New York City, US


Graduated with a Communications Design BFA from Syracuse University


  • Worked as a designer and art director in the advertising industry since 1997
  • Introduced to the Internet and the web in 1993 during college, and decided to make interactive design the primary focus of my undergraduate work, even though there was no such formal program at the time
  • Designed one of the first-ever city guide sites in 1995 for a local broadcast network
  • Received several industry awards (incl. Golden Pencil, Cannes Cyber Lion) for creative work in the advertising industry

Role in the Bitcoin community

Daniel became interested in bitcoin and crypto in early/mid 2013. He has been active within the community on social media and as a beta tester of apps and services including Shift and Gems. He is committed to making user experience design for cryptocurrency products and services a central aspect of the next phase of his career. In addition to visual design, he also possesses solid writing and editing skills.