There is a new player on the data storage on the network segment called the Datashell. Recently they have claimed that they accept payments for their services only in bitcoins. They motivate their action with requests from many of their users.

The company is located in Brighton, the United Kingdom. They have launched their business only in this month. They offer storage capacities and the necessary software to their customers willing to back up a particular amount of information. During the first days of work they have accepted both – crypto currency and fiat money. During the period about 50 companies have become their customers on the regular basis. Only two of them made their payment for the service in bitcoin. Now the representative and the investor behind the Datashell Company, David Wright says that in case this initiative will reduce the amount of customers and they will not be replaced by new one the company will return to classic payment methods, among them the PayPal.

The working principles of the company are understandable and not innovative. If You understand how Dropbox work, You can imagine how Datashell does. The main category of customers is small and medium scale business representatives. Two price groups are offered. The first level for 0,1 BTC per year provides storage for 5 machines. The second price level equal to 0,28 BTC allows customers an unlimited volume of information to be stored. Some users on the web are joking that someone might want to store the whole Internet on their capacities – are they ready for such a step?

Going in details through the Datashell agreement placed on their homepage the users should understand that unlimited storage is possible only for machines and information belonging to the customer. Core assures that bigger business should be confident about Datashell. A 5TB backup is not a problem for the service.

Looking on the market of data and back up storages and observing the policy of Dropbox can be concluded that this is the right time for such a startup. The well-known Dropbox has launched a channel called the Votebox to collect opinions and request from customers to make the service even better. Many of them voted on the possibility to pay for the service in bitcoin. The reaction of the board of Dropbox surprised anyone. The Votebox channel was closed and no new requests could be entered. Nothing also has been done to accept bitcoins. All of the users were surprised about such attitude towards the customers. Many of them felt aggrieved and agitated to find some alternative so the Dropbox chairmanship would understand its faults.

Another competitor on the market who profited from this discussion is SpiderOak offering similar services. They started to accept bitcoin already in august. Same decision was made by Mega in February.

Speaking about Datashell founder is necessary to mention that they have a technical support company named Coast Network, which also started to accept bitcoins for it services.