Personal Details

David A. Johnston, born 1985, currently living in Austin, Texas


Howard Community College

Professional experience and achievement

David has been a 10X serial entrepreneur, developing companies in fields from software to biotech. He is currently co-founder of the BitAngels and serves as the managing director for the Decentralized Application Fund. As managing director, David evaluates investments in decentralized applications and protocols that are based on open source software and use a distributed blockchain for token ownership and access to the application. He is also a board member at the Mastercoin Foundation, which encourages the development of open source protocols on top of the Bitcoin protocol.

David got into the Bitcoin space in 2012 and has been excited to see the disruptive potential of the technology in finance and beyond. David and his wife currently reside in Austin, Texas, when he is not traveling the world speaking at conferences for core developers of new technologies.