Personal Details

David Lio, born in 1987, currently living in New York City
BA in Classics and MS in Information Systems from Santa Clara University
As a research and teaching assistant in the field of artificial intelligence, David’s work has involved pattern recognition, classification, and forecasting for engineering and business intelligence applications. His recent research has included large-scale text classification and the pre-production forecasting of box-office revenues for major motion pictures.
Professional experience and achievement
As a statistical modelling consultant for Netapp, David developed simulation models for sales commissions forecasting. He also worked for the better part of a decade as an IT engineer for Kaleidescape, a manufacturer of entertainment servers for the home, aviation and marine markets.
Alternative cryptocurrencies and cryptofinance; this includes application-specific cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations, decentralized exchanges, so-called country coins, Safecoin and Ethereum
First experience with cryptocurrencies
David first read the Bitcoin white paper in the early days of the currencies but “stood on the sidelines,” as he put it, until late 2013, after Bitcoin’s value exceeded $1,000.
Role in the Bitcoin community
David’s current projects include and CoinHeavy is a cryptocurrency services consultancy. AuroraCoin is the world's first “country coin.”
He also runs a cryptocurrency research and trading desk at a stealth startup in New York City.