Museum of Named Diamonds allows recording the stories related to diamonds on the Blockchain, preserving them forever. In such a way, people can make their precious diamonds unique by giving them names and stories. Moreover, they can track their history as long as the Blockchain exists.

The Museum partnered with to ensure the technical support for their project. Everledger specializes in recording diamond data on the Blockchain. The company maintains their own distributed ledger which is the database for all the diamond-related content. Jacques Voorhees, CEO of the Museum of Named Diamonds, shared the details of the recording mechanism with Cointelegraph:

“In our case that is all the data that appears in the Museum, on a given diamond. Everledger takes the content from their own distributed ledger, “hash” it, and place the hash into the Bitcoin Blockchain by recording the hash via a tiny Bitcoin transaction.  That has the effect of sealing the hashed data into the Bitcoin Blockchain”.

The Museum also offers gift cards for naming diamonds. In such a way people can give their friends and relatives a romantic possibility to make their love story eternal. For example, Strawberry Harvest appeared thanks to a gift card. People can now see this amazing story of 70 years long love.

Museum of Named Diamonds

Track your Ancestry

Blockchain can give people a wonderful opportunity to track their family story with the help of projects such as named diamonds. Jacques Voorhees told us they have thought of some interesting partnerships with some ancestry-tracking services, such as

Voorhees says:

“It would be possible then to link the diamonds and their stories to some of those sites that track heritage. It could become part of that which makes it even more valuable.”

Furthermore, the Museum has a vision of expanding this project not only to diamonds, giving people the opportunity to preserve stories related to any other things - books, pictures, paintings etc. So in such a way it would be possible to create a whole industry of preserving and tracking unique life stories related to things.

Autumn Leaves

Can a dance be so amazing that it makes you fall in love with the dancer at first sight? Yes, it can. And Jacques Voorhees can affirm it himself as he fell in love with his wife after he saw her dancing to the song “Autumn Leaves”. And after many years of marriage they have named the diamond after that life-changing song.

“What was the best about the process of picking a name for our diamond is that we had a chance to relive our relationships in our memories. We had a chance to recall why we fell for each other in the first place, to recall everything special about our relationships. How many things can actually give such an opportunity?"

Indeed, we often forget about those special things that made us fall for each other. But Blockchain technology together with the Museum of Named Diamonds give us the opportunity not only to recall all this but also to preserve our stories forever. And it’s really great, isn’t it?