According to the founder and CEO of virtual party platform Party.Space, niche “Microverse experiences” will be the future of the Metaverse.

Rather than “building a big Metaverse and selling some land there,” Yurii Filipchuk says that Web3 creators should focus their efforts on “exploring the best way to interact online” with online communities.

The idea is that each online community builds its own Microverse, which connect in a shared network to form a Metaverse.

Party.Space launched in May 2020 with the idea to gamify video chats. They now work with 65 corporate clients to host conferences, end-of-year parties, team-building events and workshops.

One of Filipchuk’s “Microverse” creations is the “Doge Temple,” a virtual space in which fans of the Doge meme can socialize. It was launched by the virtual party platform Party.Space in November 2021.

It was the site this week for the afterparty for Product Hunt’s seventh annual (and second virtual) Golden Kitty Awards ceremony. Doge Temple was a semi-finalist in the Product Demo video category, but missed out on snagging an award.

ConsitutionDAO took home the Golden Kitty Award for the best Web3 project, with Phantom, Thirdweb and Rainbow clocking in as runners-up.

“We want to build Microverse experiences and want people to be able to travel between them to pick the Microverse that fits their vibe best,” Filipchuk told Cointelegraph. “We are really exploring the new way for people to communicate.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdowns forced many people around the world to move parts of their life online. Zoom was the breakout star in the space of video calling, with platforms like Teams and Slack establishing themselves in our work lives.

“Virtual events are here to stay because it's so convenient, and it's so much more fun than just speaking over Zoom,” said Filipchuk.

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Doge Temple explained his Microverse ideas in a Nov. 2 Medium post, disputing the idea that it’s possible to build a “mass community around an artificially created virtual world.” The post explained:

“Where Metaverse tries to be everything for everyone, Microverse creates a custom miniature world around existing communities, trends and ideas.”