Doge Vault, one of the most popular wallets for meme-inspired Dogecoin which has been offline since Sunday, said it has been hacked and its funds compromised, as one user claimed that nearly $500 worth of the currency had been stolen from his account.

Doge Vault administrators said they halted service as soon as they were aware of the attack on May 11, but that the hackers had already destroyed the wallet’s data.

“We are currently in the process of identifying the extent of the attack and potential impact on user’s funds,” a statement posted on the Doge Vault site Tuesday said. “We will also closely be investigating potential attack vectors, and determining the security breach which enabled the attacker’s [sic] to compromise the service.”

The statement said Doge Vault’s wallet funds had been “tampered with,” but did not confirm whether money had been stolen.

However, there is evidence that the hackers stole at least part of Doge Vault’s assets. Reddit user TheStodo said that almost his entire Doge Vault account balance of over 943,000 dogecoins was transferred to another wallet on Sunday, leaving just five coins in the account. He posted a screenshot of the transaction history Monday on Reddit, expressing concern over the problem and asking the community for any new information.