The installation of a single Bitcoin ATM is always great news, meaning that another country or particular city with its inhabitants receives the opportunity to exchange fiat money towards Bitcoin at a physical presence. The palpable units, often equipped with human advisors willing to educate every passerby on the virtual coin, are a sensation deserving an individual article on the Cointelegraph.

As several cities in the USA receive their own ATM units, everyone is ready to call it a real network. However, this fact grows dimming as Sergey Yusupov claims that Dubai will have a system out of 400 units, leaving all previous experiences behind.


On Facts and Assumptions

The number mentioned by Mr. Yusupov in his Twitter account is extraordinary great. He claims to import them and to place around the city in two weeks. The only prove and evidence are pictures made by him and populated over the network.

The questions left without any particular answers are the servicing and maintenance companies engaged, exact locations, methods of provision of technical support, related exchange services. To verify the information all news agencies are waiting to explore one of the 400 units on the streets of Dubai.

In case the speculations become true, the city will receive an example to research and even follow. Such global networks are going to contribute to the spreading of Bitcoin as more people will gain access to the currency and feel comfortable about the acquisition procedure.

Cointelegraph is going to follow the series of happenings, and report on the success of the project.




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