The partnership between eASIC and ActiveMining could possibly become quite lucrative, as eASIC has just announced a 24 TH/s miner.

eASIC is a semiconductor company that recently received $124 million in funding from investors. ActiveMining, a publically traded company, is the parent company of Virtual Mining Corp, which sales mining hardware directly to customers.

The new fast-hash miner as its sights set squarely on large-scale mining operators. VMC offers a number of machines and hundreds of configuration options. Their hardware ranges from a $1700 64 GH/s miner to the new 24 TH/s rig, which costs $353,777.

"The performance we have seen from the eASIC Nextreme-3 family has allowed us to develop a scalable platform that provides the computing power to satisfy the most demanding Bitcoin mining cryptography problem," said Kenneth E. Slaughter, CEO of VMC.

Bulk chip sales are also available. VMC is selling their fast-hash chips — 16 GH/s — in a bundle of 500 for $75,000. Open source designs are available for the printed circuit boards needed to mount those chips.

Meanwhile, ActiveMining’s shares jumped 70% within a few hours of the announcement, to 0.0068 BTC per share. That price subsequently came back down a bit.

eASIC is privately held and based out of Santa Clara, California.