Electronic cigarettes for Bitcoin

Ecigoutlet electronic cigarettes store has just announced they will accept Bitcoin.

Moreover, to celebrate this decision Ecigoutlet gives a 10% discount to customers who choose to pay with digitalcurrency in May-June. To access the one off 10% discount the customer just putsin coupon code “bitcoin10″ at checkout.

Ecigoutlet company is based at New Greenham Park inUnited Kingdom but it provides electronic cigarettes and accessories tocustomers worldwide.

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular devices that providenicotine to the user without the harmful smoke produced by cigarettes. Theelectronic cigarette is a good alternative for smokers, though it doesn’t curea smokers addiction it serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette – itdelivers its user nicotine but can be used indoors and should not distractothers.

The online store sells different electronic cigarettes, e-liquid (about 98flavors), ecigs and accessories such as rechargeable batteries, USB chargersand cases for ecigarette.

Ecigoutlet director Lee Harris is an enthusiastic Bitcoin miner himselfsince 2013. Now, he believes that the company motto: “Treat customers how Iwould wish to be treated if I was the customer myself.” It sounds like a goodplace to use of Bitcoin.