Emplace the Flag of Bitcoin on Mt Everest

If You have been a diligent miner or timely invested in Bitcoin, but now willing to exchange the asset for something really extraordinary, be ready to consider a trip to Nepal. The gem of the offered tourist routes includes climbing to the top of the world – Mt Everest, the highest mountain.


About the Contract

The company Mt Everest Adventures is located in Australia and led by the CEO Aseem Jha. According to their homepage the visitors of Nepal are offered several excursion trips over the area varying after the complication of arrangements and accordingly - the price. Now the company has started to accept Bitcoin to make the purchase of tourist packages even simpler.

The sports and activity section of the company features ordinary options, like rafting, paragliding, visits to Kathmandu and the road to the Chinese Base Camp of Everest. The highest price is around 2200 dollars easily converted in Bitcoin for the convenience of customers.

Although, many might find such options sufficient, the pearl of the service list is the trip to the Summit of Mt Everest on the Northern side. Not many visitors are well prepared physically to reach the mark of 8,848 meters above the sea level, but might have a chance for some 30 000 dollars or, on the moment of writing, 52,318 BTC.


Forced to Adopt to Complications

 Observing the offer, one should understand that the aim auditory for the company is foreigners, not locals. After the national rules and laws payments across the border and their acceptance is not only complicated, but also rather expensive. The Rupee of Nepal is strongly controlled as well as electronic commerce.

Mr Jha commented:

“Even in [these] modern times e-commerce is not practiced due to financial restrictions. For that reason, any kind of business has to be dependent on foreign e-commerce support [which entails] paying a lot on commissions just for running e-commerce on our behalf.”

 The Union with the Australian payment processor CoinJar allowed omitting expenses on the maintenance of merchant account and reducing of fees. The processor requested 1% from every transaction that cannot be outplayed by any other institution.

The CEO of the company also believes that:

“Nepali currency has no value when it leaves the country and is tightly controlled. We believe that bitcoin, a new decentralized cryptocurrency is the solution for a small, dominated country like Nepal.”

He also draws the image of advantages obtained with Bitcoin:

“With bitcoin we only pay almost nothing. With the banks [...] first there is the 2 to 3% that your payment gateway charges, then they charge on forex exchange, and we also need to have a merchant account to accept payments which costs monthly fees. More than saving, though, it is about easiness.”

The launch of the new offer was set on the 24th of March, but due to some technical problems no transaction was completed till now. Still the feedback is very positive:

“When I was building the site I shared this idea with bitcoin communities and they were quiet excited to trek in Nepal.”

In case You are fond of extreme sports and have tried almost anything, do not forget this offer and start to prepare the coins.


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