Enjoy your stay in Hotel of the Arts with Bitcoin

Hotel of the Arts Days Inn & Suites of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently announced that customers can now pay using digitalcurrency for any hotel services. It is the first and only hotel in Midwest thathas so far adopted a Bitcoin payment system.

Shortly after the announcement one of the workers at the hotel shared some details on /r/Bitcoin. He said that after a discussion of the idea theowner decided to jump right in and adopt crypto-currency.

Since its inception, the Hotel ofthe Arts has been innovative, and highly customer-focused. From our freedowntown shuttle, to our boutique and welcoming decor, the Hotel of the Artsstrives to offer Milwaukee something new, affordable, and convenient”, saidPatrick Prabhu, General Manager of the hotel.

The Hotel of the Arts is conveniently located on the northwest boarderof downtown Milwaukee, in a district which combines art, business and community.Moreover, visitors can receive suggestions of Wisconsin area attractions andcity sightseeing in the hotel.

The Hotel of the Arts wouldn’t be a “hotel of the arts” without its paintingsand artworks displayed on the hotel walls.

Owners at the Hotel of the Arts Days Inn believe in benefits of usingcrypto-currency. They decided to use Coinbase for transactions and offer a 10%discount for customers who pay via Bitcoin.

Accepting Bitcoin was ano-brainer. We want to make the purchasing process easy and quick for allcustomers. Some patrons prefer to use Bitcoin, and we are happy to offer themthis convenience. This secure platform is revolutionary, and we personallybelieve in its future and hope to play a part in its success,” addedPraghu.

The owners of the hotel also mention the main features of Bitcoin forcustomers who choose it as a payment method, like identity protection andzero transaction fees.

So, if you are  heading down to Wisconsin,Hotel of the Arts Days Inn & Suites might be the place for you to stay.