The uncertain growth of Ethereum’s price is quite likely to result in a sharp fall. When does it become risky to buy?

Will there be a turn to decline?

If, given all favorable conditions, the price still can’t move in a certain direction, the psychological factor may kick in and hand the advantage to the bears.

ETH/BTC price chart 1

But that is only the initial assumption. To make informed trading decisions, one has to look for a more founded confirmation.

The level of $11.7 is the most profitable price for purchase deals within the rebound trend. Thus, if Ethereum’s price starts to fortify at it and form a downward turn, it will indicate that the bulls are a minority. In that case, there will be a high probability of a turn to decline.

ETH/USD price chart 2

But that scenario has not come to life so far, and the upward trend continues.

ETH/USD prica chart 3