Ethereum’s price is at a level where the following medium-term direction is going to be decided. What trend will the market choose?

The conditions for a turn to growth are almost ready

Ethereum’s price has stopped at an important medium-term resistance of $10. The future trend depends on which side of the market will be holding the advantage.

ETH/USD price chart 1

That will be indicated by the market’s structure. The most likely scenario is that Ethereum’s price will not fortify and fail to form a turn to decline at the level of $8.6, which is important for the bears; that will result in the continuation of the upward trend and the increased probability of a turn to growth in the medium-term scope.

ETH/USD price chart 2

The critical point for the whole upward trend that has started at $7 is the level of $8.6. That mark is the most likely peak of the rebound towards the upward trend.