Are you a Bitcoin fan and you want to show it to the world? Are you envious when you see pictures of the people on the internet wearing the Bitcoin “B” symbol? 

Perhaps you need some stylish clothes and accessories to display you commitment to the crypto-currency. 
Bitcoin T-Shirt Store – Clothes and Accessories 
Bitcoin T-Shirt Store may become your first stop shop. Here you can find traditional Bitcoin labels on trendy clothes for men, women and children. 
Or perhaps you are more into accessories, like umbrellas, bags, scarves, caps and bandanas. For those who want to have a more personal Bitcoin item – try a Bitcoin Teddy Bear or smartphone case. 
All Bitcoin t-shirts and hoodies that are traded at the Bitcoin T-Shirt Store are made in the USA and printed by their partner Spreadshirt company and are shipped worldwide. 
Unfortunately, they seem to accept only PayPal, MasterCard, VISA payments. 
Although, recently the Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt said: "In the past. The internet has proven that new practices are often met with much criticism and opposition. But my job is to be closer to the needs of our customers. One day we may see many customers asking to use Bitcoins, and then we will adapt our practices and find a way to implement that method of payment." 
So, in the future digital currency could be accepted here as a payment, too 
Shirtoshi T-shirts by Pre-Order 
A couple of new and stylish designs can be found on that makes 100% cotton shirts for Bitcoin lovers. The company is run by Josh Jones and Andrew Smales and based in US. 
Shirtoshi is quite new company and it accepts mostly pre-orders. But you can pay with Bitcoin here. 
“Once any design receives 12 orders, we will take orders for another 5 days, and then make and ship the shirts,” says the advertisement on the website. 
That means that at the moment they use a system of 3 statuses for each shirt and design: 
• Pre-order stands for products that are waiting for 12 orders to get it made. During this time, you can cancel your order anytime and receive a refund at current BTC prices. 
• In Production means that the product is on the stage of printing, and will be shipped to you within two weeks. 
• In Transit – shipped and should arrive soon. 
Not the most convenient system but could be good for new company. 
Zazzle Enables Every Custom 
Another place where you can buy items associated with digital currency is Zazzle. 
Zazzle is an online retailer founded in 1999 and operating since 2005. Here users may upload images and create their own merchandise or buy merchandise created by other users. 
They sell various T-shirts, hats, stickers and many more accessories with bitcoin logos, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Earthcoin, etc. 
However, there are both positive and negative comments from customers about their products and only traditional payment methods are accepted. There are a lot of other retailers selling clothes with logos of digital currency so if you really want to show that your life is interconnected with the world of digital currency – go ahead! Buy or even design something and express yourself freely.