The shelves in modern shops are full of so many things, from meals with unexpected flavors to new IT technologies and gadgets. But when the time comes to buy a gift or souvenir for your loved ones, it seems there is nothing new in any of shopping centers. 

So, are you looking for something special? And do you want to buy it with bitcoins? How about extraordinary fine woodwork? 

Akita Wood Works produces distinctive designs which turn ordinary wood extraordinary. 

“I love to create with wood; this is a skill that has been in my family for generations. When I inherited my Grandfather’s lathe I was honored to be able to carry on my family’s wood working tradition. I also incorporate stone, metal, acrylic resins and other unique finds into my work. All pieces are created in my workshop in Northern California,” said the owner of the shop, Terry. 

Akita Wood Works’ shop has a wide range of souvenirs for everyone, starting with handmade fine writing instruments, home decor elements, gifts for special occasions till exclusive modern wood art sculptures. Terry is able to combine wood, metal and stone in special and artistically creative ways. 

“I'm so glad I lost my old fountain pen and had the pleasure of purchasing this beautiful piece,” said one of the customers about his purchase from Akita Wood Works. 

Akita Wood Works’ Shop is on Etsy, too. And even better than that, they accept bitcoin payments here. You just have to build an order and indicate that you want to pay with Bitcoin through Etsy prior to purchase. You will receive an invoice based on the current market USD value of BTC at the time of your purchase. 

“I create mixed media sculptures & unique wood-turnings. I am environmentally conscious and choose my media carefully with this in mind,” said Terry.