There are numerous new Bitcoin gambling sites on the internet with more cropping up seemingly every day. Bitcoin gambling is very similar to regular online gambling and consequently new users will have many of the same questions. Security is always an issue and whether or not the system is fair, which in an online casino is different than in a brick-and-mortar casino.

In traditional casinos, the local jurisdictions have inspectors who examine the systems to make sure that the win/lose ratio remains relatively fair. Slot machines for instance are programmed to pay off after a certain number of plays, no more, no less. But in online venue virtual casinos use a system known as “provably fair.” FairProof is one of the easiest provably fair Bitcoin gambling systems available today.

FairProof offers three games to choose from: “Fair Numbers”, “Fair Cards”, and Roulette. The process is very simple. Fund your account, choose your game and start playing. The games work like this:

  • Fair Numbers. The game gives you a starting number between 1 and 100. You are betting whether the rolled number will be larger or smaller.
  • Fair Cards: Requires you to choose some cards from a random selection and bet on whether these were the cards chosen.
  • Roulette however is not much different than Fair Numbers with the notable exception that instead of a 1-100 range the range is 1-35.

The games are mathematically very similar, just different names and visuals for people who look for esthetics.

There are a number of benefits to FairProof that users should consider.

  • Provably Fair
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal
  • Selection of games
  • Randomness checkable before betting
  • Bet with multiple coins, including Bitcoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Bytecoin and Ducknote

Cointelegraph: When was FairProof founded?

FairProof: We began FairProof in September, 2013 and it took about six months to fully develop the first version of the FairProof website.

Cointelegraph: Who designed the FairProof software?

FairProof: Our software was designed by a team of two core developers, a designer and front end developer. We designed it from scratch.

Cointelegraph: Can you tell us the difference between FairProof and other Bitcoin casino brands?

FairProof: There are several major differences. We begin by offering an attractive bonus system. We also accept several other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. We have terms and conditions that appeal to both low and high rollers, no deposit and a bad luck bonus for high rollers. The bad luck bonus guarantees at least a 20% kickback even if you lose your shirt. We are always adding new cryptocoins, including three of the CryptoNote-based coins, including Bytecoin, Monero and DuckNote.

Cointelegraph: Is FairProof available for Mobile, download and web-based platforms?

FairProof: We are currently only available as a web-based system but our resolution is adaptive to mobile devices and we are planning a full scale mobile version soon.

Cointelegraph: What is your opinion of Bitcoin casino and gambling site in general?

FairProof: We see a huge potential in cryptocurrencies, especially when it comes to casinos and gambling. Currently Bitcoin leads the pack but we are seeing other coins that have the potential to be just as trendy in the future. These new developments suggest that cryptocurrencies can easily displace fiat currencies as the choice for gambling aficionados because of both the security and low transfer charges.

Cointelegraph: How much of an effect will cryptocurrencies have on all of our lives in the future?

FairProof: The current system is horribly outdated and out of balance. Cryptocurrencies simply make the most sense for a global financial system within the next five to ten years and could easily be as common as credit/debit cards and smart phones are now.

Cointelegraph: What challenges to your brand do you expect in the near future?

FairProof: The biggest challenge now facing not only Bitcoin casinos but crypto currencies in general is security, i.e. hackers and people engaging in fraudulent businesses. We will also have to work in expanding both the architecture and ecosystem for an expected influx of new users. To those ends we have developed a good following by developing our brand from scratch and our affiliate program gives its members a 50% take from every winning player that they bring into the system. We are currently experiencing about 20,000 unique users and plan to expand our partnership program.

Cointelegraph: What are your plans for the second half of 2014?

FairProof: We plan for further development of the lottery by adding new games, introducing new currencies and of course the mobile version of the web site has been long overdue. Due to a growing number of high-rollers on FairProof we’ve decided to launch a casino catering specifically to this type of users. Currently we’ve been busy working on our next project. It will be something huge, so stay tuned.