ChangeTip, the crypto-coin micropayment service that allows users to send tips across the internet is coming to, the San Francisco-based company announced in a press release.

Before this addition, ChangeTip has seen success with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. It currently has over 70,000 active users who transact from fractions of a penny to US$25 per tip and has been growing at a rate of 30 percent per month since its inception in early 2014.

Changing the gaming culture is an e-sport and video game live-streaming platform that has been in operation since 2011 and has been owned by since September 2014 after acquiring the service for US$970 million. It is one of the largest platforms of its kind and brings millions of video game creators, streamers, players and fans into one place. It has announced its acceptance of bitcoin back in August 2014.

Online (micro) tipping is quickly becoming a simple, fast and convenient way to show appreciation for the effort of contributors who provide quality online content. And what can be tipped ranges from something as short as a tweet to a long video or a blog post.

Essentially, it is traditional tipping brought into the virtual world. However, it is presenting a whole new experience on how we interact with one another as well as how we consume online content. It also demonstrates the possibility of becoming a revenue model for some content creators. logo

$10,000 to get tipping started

ChangeTip also announced that an independent developer was responsible for the integration who is not a member of their team, stressing that this was made possible via their new API.

Nick Sullivan, ChangeTip’s CEO said:

“We are excited to see development work like this come from our community. Our API enables community members to craft the tools they want to see in use. This bot allows fans to connect with their favorite players in a new way.”

To galvanize the tipping party, ChangeTip is giving US$10,000 worth of bitcoins to each of the selected leading gamers and popular streamers, who will use this money to tip other community members on 

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