Spring is one of the greatest times of the year, a time when flowers bloom and reveal their beauty. 

If you live downtown and have no chance to witness the blossoming of spring yourself, you can still bring its colors into your house or show your loved ones your feelings. 

BitRoses is an online flower retailer that allows you to use Bitcoin payments to send fresh flowers delivered by a local florist. 

Customers may choose small or large bouquets of flowers and buy balloons for special occasions and celebrations. 

It claims to be the first online store to only accept Bitcoin payments for flowers. The prices are also displayed in dollars customers’ convenience, but you can pay for your purchase only in Bitcoin. 

As with most merchants accepting digital currency BitRoses uses the GoCoin payment platform for all purchases. 

The company works in US and Canada regions only; unfortunately there is no international shipping. But for those lucky enough to live in these regions, if making a purchase till 1 PM, flowers will be delivered the same day. 

As we mentioned before - all flowers are hand-delivered by a local florist. To make this possible BitRoses is also assisted by its partner Florist One. Florist One has a long history in the flower trade, “online since 1999 and was born from a third-generation family florist business that goes back 50 years.” 

Another place where you can buy flowers and pay for them using Bitcoin is CheapFlowers