The largest ski resort in North America has taken to Bitcoin. Whistler Blackcomb, home to Blackcomb Mountain, threw a launch party for its “Cash In and Cash Out” Bitcoin ATM on April 19 at their Canadian resort. The plan was spear-headed by the Logicoin Network as part of its “Resort Municipality” project in conjunction with

According to the Logicoin website

“Logicoin Network brings access to crypto and digital currencies in places where exchanges regularly take place and users frequently use booking and reservation systems, and require easy access to automated cash in and cash out systems potential revolutionizing the entire travel industry.”

The installation of the ATM will be the first of many at major resorts around the world should the Blackcomb one prove successful. Founders of the project don’t see how the installation could be anything but a success:

“[Bitcoin’s] quick international transfers, low fees, and military-grade security make it a boon to those who require instant access to money, but who prefer not to carry a lot of cash on them. Few groups fit this description better than regular travelers, which makes the Logicoin’s “Resort Municipality” project an ideal step forward in the digital currency revolution.”

The ATM allows a maximum cash withdrawal of US$500 and live-purchases for US$1000 per transaction.

Along with the ATM, Logicoin is going to work with ClickJett to allow people to book travel plans and accommodation with Bitcoin.