Take a company that manufactures and distributes Web Kiosks add cryptocurrency. Mix it for a while. Profit.

Delta Finland Oy in Helsinki have worked to fill their country with web kiosks since the year 2001. The firm is a nice example of family business, co-founded by Timo and Mika Reinikainem – father and son accordingly.

However, nothing lasts forever and the company decided that they should follow the trend. The kiosks are being reworked to allow Bitcoin purchases through hotbutler.com, which is partly funded by an anonymous investor from USA.


Functionality and prospects

These kiosks originally served as a window into the net, a public computer with small functionality. However, seeing the success of Robocoin with their million revenues every month made Mika think of expanding into the world of crypto.

The four kiosks that are running the beta of software from hotbutler.com are the pilot version of what’s to come. In case of success, 10 more machines will be armed with Bitcoin trading feature. If that will prove profitable in the next half years, then the firm will prioritize embracing other cryptocurrencies – not only Bitcoin.