Freelancers have taken an increasingly important role in society, providing many valuable skills for businesses and driving a significant portion of the economy’s growth. To bring these skilled laborers together with available projects are centralized platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, now hosting billions of dollars worth of contracts each year. Unfortunately, dominant players have been known to remain in control, taking a large cut of profits and making it hard for freelancers to turn their efforts into a sustainable salary.

While these platforms dominate the industry, they aren’t immune to industry-wide concerns, including subpar workers that businesses must learn to avoid. On the freelancer’s side, their hard-earned income is at the mercy of a centralized authority. These concerns come in several forms, among the most common being a significant percentage taken from their earnings; in some cases, this is upwards of 20% or an exchange overtaking their funds altogether, although this is a more rare occurrence.

The blockchain, which operates as a decentralized entity, helps eliminate some of these concerns with faster, more efficient payments, the elimination of middleman fees and, at times, the use of smart contracts to help automate steps in the process. Where existing platforms have taken advantage of blockchain capabilities, they have only helped serve a niche market when the problem extends so much farther. 

Recognizing the ability of the technology to disrupt this industry, Okratech Token has announced the release of a new platform called OrtJob. OrtJob operates with the mission to improve the freelancer experience with a self-governing DAO powered entirely by decentralized finance (DeFi). Professional mediation can be guaranteed with this model, and employers can seek out the “right person on the right job for the right pay,” answering the call for a more comprehensive solution.

A freelance process that is foolproof

The Ortcoin platform allows businesses to post the details of their project and take bids from freelancers interested in taking on the project. When freelancers bid, the team behind the posting has the opportunity to browse their profile, send a message (which is received in real-time) and select the person that they believe will be the best fit for their project’s requirements. When the team is comfortable with their choice, they can award the project to the freelancer and get started. 

Up to this point, the process sounds fairly standard, where the difference that comes into play is through a milestone payment system. This feature allows users to release payments when they are satisfied with the work at each project step. On the other side, this helps freelancers ensure they will get paid before dedicating a significant amount of time to the project.

When it comes to fee elimination, Okratech is able to achieve this through the deployment of a blockchain layer for decentralized apps that can operate without a human interface. Additionally, the lack of a middleman enables teams to post a job with all related details for no cost.

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Furthermore, freelancers can then earn fair compensation for their work, and business owners can be confident that their pay is being contributed completely to their contractors. As the ripple effect would indicate, freelancers can then reduce their costs so they don’t have to cover the platform fees, while businesses can achieve cost savings —  a win-win situation. 

These options are available to players of various backgrounds and skillsets, further providing the originality of the platform’s proposed concept. Moreover, OrtJob guarantees the same quality experience for business-to-business (B2B) transactions as well as peer-to-peer (P2P) engagements.

A solution that is first of its kind

Users can expect positive developments to ensue, with initial success in gathering the funds for the project launch and a community of now more than 50,000 active members. The prototype of the OrtJob platform is now available to users, having 40% of the development completed so far.

With only a few days left, users are encouraged to dive in and participate in the project’s initial exchange offering (IEO), an event that will kick off the project’s listing on major exchanges and the official launch.

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