Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM Lanched in Quebec
Once again the headlines from Canada become one of the top breaking news stories in the world of digital currency.

This Friday Genesis Coin announced that its first Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM was launched in the center of Canada’s second largest city, Quebec.

The new machine was installed next to the Baguette et Cie coffee shop inside the Auberge Amerik Hotel, situated 10 minutes’ drive from Old Quebec and the cultural center. The hotel’s historic site was built in 1898 and gained a great reputation from tourists and guests of Quebec City.

The Genesis1 ATM is operated by Bit2Bloc. The company assures that in order to secure all transactions and ensure private data protection the Genesis1 software runs over a specially encrypted private network. 
Customers will be able to use cash-in and cash-out services for the Canadian dollar. Moreover, both Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions are accepted.  

Bitcoin ATM in Canada

Evan Rose, the CEO from Genesis Coin said: “Canada has proven itself to be a leader in bringing tangibility to the otherwise digital world of Bitcoin.”

It’s no surprise that Canada became one of the first countries that has chosen Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM. 

I would like to remind our readers that the first Bitcoin ATM in Canada by Robocoin was installed in Vancouver Coffee House last year. During the first week the new Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver got off to an impressively fast start, performing transactions that are worth over $100,000 (Canadian). 

Whether the Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM will garner the same success in Quebec is still unknown. As for now the new machine is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 9am-6pm, and Sunday from 9am-5pm.

“We want individuals to experience Bitcoin in its most elegant form: swift, simple, secure,” said Rose.

Orders for Genesis1

Genesis Coin Inc. is a software development company focused on solutions for the cryptocurrency market. Now the company is working on Bitcoin ATMs and Genesis1 is its first. Each Genesis1 machine starts at $14,500 which is quite cheap in comparison with machines from other companies.

On March 22 the first two Genesis1 were unveiled at Tijuana’s Bit Center, Baja California, Mexico. One is being used for USD transactions, the other for pesos. 

The new machines immediately got a positive response from customers. 

“A few people traveled across the border and from further South in Baja to come check them out,” said Rose.

Genesis Coin has more orders for Genesis1 from operators both in US (Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania) and abroad - Australia, Brazil, China and South Korea – so were are eagerly awaiting more good news in the near future.

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