Leading bitcoin wallet and payment processor Snapcard has entered into a strategic partnership with UniPAY, Georgia-based e-wallet company and various payment services provider to provide 55,000 active UniPAY users with cryptocurrency powered accounts.

UniPAY is currently one of the largest payment service providers in the republic of Georgia, supporting all types of companies ranging from mobile carriers, airlines, utility companies to gaming sites. The integration of Snapcard’s cryptocurrency processing technology will allow its merchants and all users to send and receive bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and to convert these digital currencies to local currencies with ease.

Jack Jia, Head of International Growth at Snapcard said:

“With this partnership, UniPAY users can now pay for goods and services at more than 100,000 e­commerce sites that accept bitcoin around the world. This is a very exciting use case for Bitcoin, to help citizens of a small developing country to gain access to the global economy.”

Jack Jia, Head of International Growth at Snapcard

UniPAY has more than 148,000 registered wallet users and 55,000 fully verified members. The latter will receive the bitcoin option first and will be able to use it to pay for goods and services around the world starting from today.

Although international credit cards and debit cards are widely used throughout Europe and Asia, not all merchants and businesses in Georgia process credit card payments. With bitcoin’s efficiency and relatively low transaction fees, UniPAY CeO Koba Kurdadze believe that bitcoin could break the barriers between international customers and Georgian businesses.

“Right now visitors cannot always use their international cards to pay for goods and services in Georgia­­ the Bitcoin option will help break down those frictions and barriers. We are very happy to have partnered with Snapcard to launch this exciting new product for our users and merchants,” explained Kurdadze.

Over the past few months, Snapcard has been working with various payment solution providers including Tango card, the largest rewards-as-a-service platform in the world to break financial barriers between customers and merchant. In June, Snapcard integrated launched Masspay, an enterprise-level cross-border payout solution to allow merchants to send payments without taking the risk of bitcoin price volatility.

"It's really exciting leveraging the blockchain to increase efficiencies in areas that need it," stated Snapcard CEO Michael Dunworth, "and as such we are thrilled to make bitcoin available through the Tango Card rewards API. Tango Card was able to use our new MassPay API to allow their users to receive Bitcoin Rewards at an e-mail address, phone number, or a bitcoin address, all without taking on any of the currency risk.”