Ready to shed off those aggravating winter pounds and properly shape up your beach bod? Then crack open your Bitcoin wallet and check out Adamant Barbell’s home and commercial fitness equitment. 

Adamant Barbell offers bodybuilding equipment for sale by Bitcoin in its location in Pacifica, California and on its website. The sale of its equipment by Bitcoin is in its infancy, thus requiring the business to operate bitcoin sales manually. Customers will receive two e-mails immediately after checking out, the second one containing a Bitcoin address where they will send their payment. 

These manual transactions are hopefully temporary. Employees must sit by the computer in order to generate the unique Bitcoin address and check for payment. If Bitcoin proves popular on their site, the Adamant Barbell “will integrate it into the site for an even quicker experience”. 

The adoption of Bitcoin by the company shows the progress it has made since founder David Kiesling was selling equipment on Ebay. 

“One day David was standing in line at the post office and a guy in front of him had about 50 large envelopes stuffed full of kids' toys. David suspected the man was an eBay seller, but it turned out he had migrated from eBay to his own website, and he obviously was successful at it,” says Adamant Barbell’s portfolio

It turned out to be a great idea – to become independent e-retailer. Soon after, David opened his Adamant Barbell online store. Now, the store gets to build the strength of its customers across the United States and the value of Bitcoin.