Google Glass and Bitcoin, two technologies that have yet to achieve mainstream appeal in their individual capacities, have crossed paths in a new app called Nod to Pay, which allows Glass users to make payments instantly wherever Bitcoin is accepted.

The app was introduced in February by developer Eaze, a company focused on “frictionless payment solutions.” Now in its beta testing phase, Nod to Pay claims to be the first global payment solutions app for Google Glass.

Here’s how it works: Glass wearers link the app to their hot wallet at Coinbase or Then, they speak the magic words – “OK, Glass, make a payment.” Google Glass scans the QR code from the retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) application and reflects the payment info, including what you are paying for and how much it costs in bitcoins, on the Glass screen. The customer then “nods twice” to confirm the payment, and the Bitcoins are transferred on the spot. George Jetson eat your heart out.

The app only supports Bitcoin at this time. Rutger van Zuldam, cofounder of the Amsterdam-based startup, said it was “the most easy to currency to implement, and the main story is about making payments frictionless.” Support for other currencies, as well as other wearables such as watches and jewelry, is expected in the future.

Before the Eaze app on Google Glass, there was MEVU, which uses a proprietary bracelet allowing wearers to pay for small goods and services with a wave of the wrist. Unlike Nod to Pay, MEVU lets users choose which digital currency they want to use.

The merger with Google Glass is unlikely to add many Bitcoin users to the fold, given the similar niche appeal of both. So while it remains to be seen which of these disruptive technologies will last the test of time and reach the mainstream market, the combination sure does look cool.