Personal Details

Gregory Harmati is the founder of Seventh Continent Bitcoin-based Marketplace for digital products and services. His goal is to create the first economy for the Bitcoin community.

Gregory Harmati was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1969, currently living in Budapest, Hungary.

Twitter: @7thContinent7



PhD and MA in philosophy from La Sorbonne in Paris, France, MA in EU economy and politics from GIIR in Geneva, Switzerland, MA in French from ELTE in Budapest, Hungary.

Professional experience and achievement

Gregory is the CEO, majority owner and founder of Seventh Continent Ltd. Former Director of HSystems Ltd. and Chief Editor of International Communications of the Hungarian News Agency (MTI). He also worked as Senior Advisor to the Minister in the Hungarian Government, as well as taught at major Hungarian universities: ELTE, BME, and BKE.

Experience with cryptocurrencies

Gregory created Seventh Continent Marketplace with a small team in Budapest and implemented Bitcoin as the currency of this Market. Fiat currency deposit and withdrawal is available, and exchange into bitcoin is performed automatically at the best exchange rates possible without charges. Seventh Continent also nests a bitcoin-USD exchange free of charges for the users.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Gregory is member of New Money Systems Board at Lifeboat Foundation as well as the Budapest Bitcoin Community.