Have you caught Bitcoin fever?

While some people saythat they use bitcoins others sing about it!

Bitcoin is not only acurrency but a source of inspiration with people all over the world writing verses, painting, doing tattoos and developing RPG games all in the name of the crypto-currency. And,if you are happy and you know, why not sing a Bitcoin song. Check out some ofthese favorites that Bitcoin fans have written lately.

 Love You Like A Bitcoin

This song could becomea beat of a day for Bitcoin users. It is a remake of Selena Gomez's "Ilove you like a love song" but with a new lyrics written by Tuxavant and performedby Kryptina. “Love you like a Bitcoin” MP3 also can be purchased with bitcoins here.

 10,000 Bitcoins

“10,000 Bitcoins” songby Laura Saggers and is all about love and spending money, and love can begreater than the love of spending 10,000 bitcoins.

Laura Saggers is a songwriter who also became a Bitcoinactivist and even made her own Weekly Webisode ‘Bitcoin Today’ last month.

Alpaca Socks

The song was written byMax Min and is a retro song that looks to the future.

“Weird title, I know. Iwas inspired by a great idea currently floating around in the interweb. Thesong is about Bitcoin, a digital currency that could show us the way to a newfinancial system – something we badly need,” said Max Min.

Bitcoin Fever

Is a classic Bitcoinsong and is reminiscent of James Bond’s songs. It was written in the end of2013 and may become one of the songs in our Bitcoin-related songs collection.

Sad Banker

Rising Bitcoin pricetakes away my depression with “Sad banker” song from Metaballo. It is a quitesarcastic song but the rhythm is good.  

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