Internet company Webbhallen is Sweden’s largest company to so far adopt Bitcoin, with the new system originally initiated at the beginning of spring. In just a few months customers have already began to appreciate the advantages of using crypto-currency to make purchases at the internet shop.

The Webhallen Company was founded in 1999 in a small apartment in central Stockholm. It soon became one of the leading dealers in hardware, consumer electronics, games and movies in Sweden.  Last year Webhallen was purchased by Komplett Group for $23 million.

Komplett itself is the largest e-commerce company in Scandinavia. It is still unknown whether Komplett plans to accept Bitcoin too but the fact that Webbhallen clients positively reacted to the new currency may lead to broader adoption.  

The best thing that has happened this year. I've already made a couple of purchases with Bitcoin. More to come...” wrote one of the users on /r/Bitcoin.

The changes not only is good for customers but its been good for Webahllen too. The company reported that after introducing Bitcoin payments, sales volumes increased and they got more new customers.

In one of the interviews Anton Nilsson, sales manager at Webhallen, said that the amount of purchases from Bitcoin users was equivalent of one of their small physical stores.

“It's very impressive considering that it does not take costs for rent, shop personnel, equipment, and more. Clearly a successful venture,” said Nilsson.

At the moment other crypto-currencies are not accepted, but they plan to add them as a payment method as soon as they get support from crypto-currency services like Bitpay. And Litecoin is considered to be the next alternative currency to be accepted.