With three months’ of rain falling on the Balkan countries in just a few days this past weekend, Serbia and Bosnia have called for international help to deal with the flooding.

As the BBC reported Monday: “ [Officials] say that the threat of landslides is an ever-present problem as are the difficulties caused by unexploded landmines in Bosnia and river surges.

Serbia's main power plant is still at risk of flooding. Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes.”

It’s the worst flooding in the region since the 19th Century, the story reported.

Aaron Koenig of the Global Bitcoin Alliance reached out to Cointelegraph editors around the same time as the BBC’s story to report he had set up a bitcoin donation address to help with relief efforts.

I am setting up this spontaneous campaign and hope that many people can donate some Bitcoins to show that we care and help.

Please donate to this address: 1Ajx88sxaQFE7D2TtEZggUafrZPjLoYDFa

All donations will be converted by Bitstamp (Slovenia) into Euros, which will be transferred to the Red Cross Serbia.

We have a good contact in Belgrade, she will take care that the money reaches the right places.

We are waiting for confirmation from the contact in Belgrade to verify that funds will go to the Red Cross’ efforts. At the time of writing, 0.414 BTC has been donated to the address.


The contact in Belgrade whom Koenig mentioned was independently confirmed, but she wishes to remain anonymous because she works in local media. She reiterated that Bitstamp will convert bitcoin donations into euros and that the Red Cross of Serbia has set up an account to receive those donations.