If You Won't Come to Klondike to Get the Gold, Klondike Will Come to You

The Klondike Coin was not launched today or yesterday – it has been an active presence on the market and at least some of us may have been aware of its existence since 9 January 2014. While the number of virtual assets and coins becomes almost innumerable, the Klondike Coin is setting itself apart by offering something extra to pique the public's interest.

The pool owner of KlonChain.info has announced that every month one participant will receive a 99.9% pure gold 1 gram bar that will be shipped to the winner for free, which for some may sound like something too good to be true.


Rules of the Klondike Club

The following rules must be followed to receive the actual prize. There are 10 rules to adhere to:

1.      A minimum net pool hashrate of 200mhash has to be reached and maintained.

2.      For every 200 mhash extra, a second winning ticket will be drawn, i.e. when net poolhash is 1ghash, 5 winners will receive a real 99.9% pure gold bar!

3.      The winner might want to stay anonymous and not reveal his/ her location for sending the gold. In that case, another ticket will be drawn, until we have a winner who wants to get the gold.

4.      The prize can only be sent to the US and/ or EU.

5.     The Pool Owner will close registration when the pool hashrate reaches 45% of the total nethash. We will be in contact with other pool owners to spread the word about this promotion as well.

6.      Your mining day won't be lost when your miner goes offline for a short period. It’s a different story if you get disconnected on a regular basis. Our logs will show the history. An irregular one-time (short) disconnection won't exclude you from getting your ticket.

7.      This promotion can be canceled at any time except during an "active month". When this promotion ends, an announcement will appear on the homepage of the pools. This will happen 5 days in advance of every new 30-day promotion period.

8.      A maximum of 5 gold bars will be given away every 30 days. This means 5 winners of 1g 99.9% pure gold bars.

9.      This prize is not redeemable for fiat currency or cryptocurrency. When you win, you receive the actual gold and may do with it whatever you see fit.

10.  The developers, community leaders, marketing manager and others "working behind the scenes" are excluded from this promotion and are not eligible to win. If a winning ticket happens to belong to one of them, a new ticket will be drawn.


Information about Klondike Coin

The Klondike Coin, as is often the case, is based on the Bitcoin protocol and is a peer-to-peer currency. The block interval is equal to 1 minute, but the reward currently is 16 coins or KDC. At the beginning of mining it was 77 KDC, but after a series of attempts the number of coins, equal to 16, is going to be reduced by half, reaching 0 at block 5522934. The total amount to mine is 19,948,654 KDC.

Additional technical data can be acquired on the project homepage or at the BitcoinTalk forum thread..



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