There are now more altcoins available for users to purchase than ever before. While some were created for a reason, serving a specific niche in the market, others lack a purpose and effectively have no basis for their existence. Since their purpose is not defined, the coins lack longevity and, as a result, have been coined the term “shitcoin.” Many investors have still been profitable from their purchase; however, doing so can be risky. After their initial pump, it can be hard to sell off their investment, effectively tanking prices.

While analysts may caution investment into these coins, some have transitioned to sustainable projects with the introduction of new project utility. In practice, projects have succeeded in this by creating a DeFi game, a growing market where coins hold value that extends inside the game and beyond its borders. The result is that players can participate in the same intensive gameplay they have become accustomed to in traditional gaming. And they simultaneously gain the opportunity to earn in a play-to-earn model, also referred to as P2E.

With the value of this gaming segment being over $92 billion as of Oct. 6, it is no wonder that internet memes like WAGMI have transitioned their efforts, with a member of their dev team developing the “WAGMI Defense” game.

In reference to this transition, a member from their team shares, 

“We feel the crypto gaming space is not only one of the hottest and up and coming categories but also allows for token transactions to be played in-game, regardless of a bull or bear market. We also know that nothing but the highest quality game is key to our success, and that is what we will deliver.”

WAGMI Games has since announced its partnership with Cubix, a team developing innovative digital projects since 2008. Together, this partnership will enable the creation of a PVP tower defense game.

The beginnings of an intergalactic battle

Before pursuing this partnership, WAGMI Games reviewed dozens of gaming development companies. The decision was later made to go forward with Cubix based on their expertise in software and game development, coupled with knowledge in blockchain solutions and NFT games. With previous work being done for brands including Nintendo and Sapient, WAGMI Games quickly recognized the extent of their knowledge, making them a clear choice to bring the WAGMI defense game to life.

Set in the year 3022, WAGMI Defense introduces players to an intergalactic battle game between humans and aliens over the element NiFe. Being a critical element for survival, NiFe can be found deep in the Earth’s core. As the aliens, or “the Greys,” discover this, humans are then forced to come together to protect their planet and defend the Earth for its survival. However, since the game takes place so many years in the future, humans have now gone through several natural disasters and breakthrough technologies, forming a hyper-advanced civilization.

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Although entertaining on its own, the game relies on the play-to-earn (P2E) model to modernize how players can earn. For example, when players battle against invaders, they gain the opportunity to wager WAGMI tokens, the native token available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Network (ERC). Therefore, as skills are being tested, players earn a coin that can be used across multiple chains, widening the scope for greater user adoption. 

Players may also participate in several opportunities for NFT collection, earning digital assets that can appreciate in value and be sold on the marketplace later.

Opening the door to immersive gameplay

The PVP tower defense game is set to be the first phase in a larger release plan, with phase one being released in March 2022. The team plans to continually update and provide enhancements to the gameplay, adding Story Mode in the P2E 3D MMORPG alongside a series of comics and other storylines by the end of the year.

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