After last year’s Bitcoin boom, a plethora of Bitcoin wallets began to appear and the number of transactions that are carried out with My Wallet alone regularly exceeds 30,000 a day just a few weeks after its release. There are essentially three types of Bitcoin wallets: 

• Mobile wallets are becoming the most popular as they allow you to exchange coins easily or make payments with a simple scan of a QR code or by using NFC “Tap-to-Pay”. 
• Desktop wallets give you complete control of the wallet but by the same token you are responsible for security and backups. 
• Web based wallets allow you to access your wallet from PC or mobile but choosing your provider with care is as important as choosing your bank, or even more important as they are not covered by the FDIC. 

The Aegis Wallet, a new open source release from Bojan Simic, founder of Bitcoin Se-curity Project is designed for Android and supports multiple currencies. The user is al-so able to view their transactions and addresses directly on the blockchain. The new mobile wallet has an excellent encryption feature to protect your wallet until you can import a backup from your email. Bojan says about the Aegis: 
“The Aegis is developed using the highest standards in the fields of cryptog-raphy and information security. We utilize proven security algorithms and protocols. Moreover, our team leverages years of knowledge and experience in software development and security to deliver you a first class application and user experience.” 
Besides allowing users to encrypt their wallet with a password the Aegis wallet also allows the use of an NFC tag that will easily fit onto a keychain. Simply tap the tag on your mobile device to access the wallet. The company hopes that the wallet will offer the best in both convenience and security. The company stresses the importance of se-curity because unlike traditional payments Bitcoin payments are not reversible. 

Looking at the screenshots of the Aegis Wallet it does seem like a remarkably clean and easy to use interface. The Bitcoin balance is shown at the top with a conversion rate into fiat currency (USD shown) and below that is a list of recent transactions. All and all this seems like a solid new offering that will work well for people on the go.