While the appeal of earning big on cryptocurrency investments has captured the attention of many, it has often overshadowed the inherent risks associated with the industry. While many have become overnight millionaires, the digital currency ecosystem has its complexities, raising questions to users, including which coins they should be buying, how they can easily store and manage these assets, and how they can optimize a portfolio to build slow and steady wealth as is true for those planning on retirement.

With many long-term potential rewards at stake, investors are encouraged not to run from the world of digital currency but rather to learn how they can manage these assets successfully.

For this reason, one of the major disadvantages new cryptocurrency investors have noted is that these assets aren’t available in traditional financial places and may require traveling through several hoops before they get a feel for the process. As a result, the launch of new platforms like StableHouse opens the door for anyone to benefit from the otherwise daunting world of crypto finance. The team has designed a solution that is tailored to the user, making cryptocurrency a simple and secure experience met with high-interest returns. 

Ahead of their launch, StableHouse’s head of growth and partnerships, Sunil Chauhan, expresses their mission by stating,

“The bridge between traditional finance and crypto is closing daily. We see a crossover of activity, seamlessly exchanging between both spaces with the ultimate goal for it all to become a large financial industry. What we want to do is allow users to manage financial wealth in the same way they would with a traditional bank account. StableHouse was enabled to allow users to do this.” 

The company, which is based out of Bermuda, operates under the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) and aims to bring maximum value to beginners and seasoned professionals.

Making earning simple

At its core, StableHouse is a platform to bridge the unknown world of cryptocurrency with the user experience common in traditional interfaces. The team works alongside a number of trusted partners who borrow assets a user deposits, similar to how a bank operates and provides payment through interest rates. Partners will operate like your bank in seeking out strategic investment opportunities that will pay off, passing on these earnings to those holding their funds on the platform.

While StableHouse offers some familiarity with the traditional banking system, users can also expect to earn significantly higher returns than they would otherwise.

Currently, users can expect a welcome offer of 12%; this rate can be applied on fiat-based stablecoin deposits in amounts up to $100,000. For those depositing Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), users can earn a modest 6% APY.

When it comes time to retrieve earnings, new cryptocurrency investors have also confused how their process works. StableHouse has taken this process into account when designing its own user experience by allowing for easy money withdrawal to a bank account or cryptocurrency wallet with a single button. Interest continues to be accrued and paid out from the week prior, going directly into a user’s StableHouse account.

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StableHouse operates with a focus on user security and promotes a backing with XBTO, a leader in crypto finance, well-known for its ability to provide institutional-grade liquidity to exchanges. This strategic relationship ensures the team is able to implement a platform diverse in functionality and protected by security and compliance standards that consumers expect today.

Growth prospects ahead

Operating with a proven plan for high returns and a simple interface, StableHouse has a strong backing they will leverage to propel future growth. The team currently has backing from Coinbase Ventures, DragonFly Capital and Liberty City Ventures.

With their app for trading and earning available, their plans include pushing new product lines into new geographic locations beyond Europe in the near future, never once deviating from their mission to make financial growth easier for everyone. 

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