Those, who are attentive readers of the Cointelegraph, might remember that they have already heard this surname – Itireleng. If some of you are capable to name the context in appeared in, then it was a personal success of the young Botswana Bitcoin activist and promoter. It was not a surprise that the story had a sequel, because Alakanani Itireleng has gone through very hard times – lost one of her sons, skepticism from the community and poverty.   

Currently, besides her own page on Facebook she is leading a group “Bitcoin Botswana” featuring 173 active members. Due to massive support and media attention, she has established contacts with many experienced Bitcoin users around the globe and among them are colleagues from other countries of the African Continent. On the 11th of February she has uploaded a video of a conference she has organized. The short movie consists of three parts – the presentation on the basics of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, examples of transactions of some coins to two of the listeners and a small interview to a local media source. It is remarkable that she is assisted by her husband, who also voiced some doubt on the activity of his wife and the perspectives of the virtual currency earlier.

However, it is necessary to mention that the auditory was formed out of 8 spectators, representing local businesses, the police and other groups. The slogan of the meeting can be expressed very simple, but relevant – “Bitcoin loves You!”. Itereleng allowed herself to describe the coin as a currency that does not make its users suffer. Overall she postulated correctly the basic principles and technology of Bitcoin, but her personal qualities like openness and dedication were the best prove of success.

She has gained the necessary attention and appreciation in the room after her first words:

“Bitcoin is about love and sharing love…We cannot avoid Bitcoin. We live in a technological world.”

The listeners have asked numerous questions and after the main matters were clarified, Alakanani Itireleng offered to open some sparkling wine to celebrate the formation of the Bitcoin community in Botswana. In the following interview she also gave the required praise to the organizations that are supporting her, among them was named BitConfused. She started to receive donations, which she shared with her friends to promote the digital currency. Alakanani said:

“They helped to start my dream of helping.”

The activist also claims that Bitcoin was an instrument that allowed to fulfill herself by helping and sharing – not only money, but passion and education. Watching Alakanani Itireleng presenting, answering questions and giving explanations is really inspiring. Her actions prove that Bitcoin is not only about privacy and, maybe, solitude; it is really about community, relationships and the positive changes of the world.