When the Republican Party held their national convention in Tampa, Florida in 2012 political pundits were joking about Republicans and one of the best exotic strip clubs in this city was one of those mentioned: 2001 Odyssey.

This club was designed for the “discrete” clientele and features a limousine sized tent at the back door for customers who want to keep their visits from prying press and paparazzi. Now 2001 Odyssey is upping the discretion to new levels by allowing online patrons to rain money on dancers and pay with Bitcoin. 

2001 Odyssey

2001 Odyssey is partnering with BitPay and together they have created the “Make it Rain” Machine,” which allows the club’s online patrons to remotely release physical cash that rains down on strippers as they perform, while paying in BTC.

The club allows its patrons to rain down as much as US$100 at one time using Bitcoin and they can watch live as the money pours over the dancers on the club’s main stage. As the money rains over dancers there is also rolling thunder sound effects and the DJ shouts out the name in homage to the rainmaker.

Viewers are also able to tip both the club manager and DJ using the same process. There are also cameras mounted above the dressing rooms that allow patrons to watch the women applying makeup and changing lingerie.

Cointelegraph reached out the Club’s promotions manager Don K for comments today. He not only replied but allowed us to provide our readers with screenshots of money raining down on the dancers. About the program and Bitcoin’s place in 2001 Odyssey’s business model Don said:

“The ‘Make it Rain Machine’ is not new for us but we have only been accepting Visa/MasterCard. Many of our clients have asked us about Bitcoin over the last couple of years though and we decided to take a look. You would be surprised at how many people do not even know what this type of currency is or how it works. We integrated Bitcoin into our payment options and since that time we have seen a steady increase of people who would rather pay with virtual, and anonymous, currency rather than have the charges show up on their bank statements or credit card bills.”

Since discretion is one of Bitcoin’s most attractive features, it’s easy to see why many businesses who are often at the receiving end of society’s moral judgments would consider offering the semi-anonymous cryptocurrency as a payment option. The groundbreaking move by 2001 Odyssey is sure to be followed by many more businesses whose clients prefer to keep their private lives private.

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