Personal Details

Jacob Worsøe, born 1983, currently living in Aarhus, Denmark


MSc. in Business Intelligence, Aarhus School of Business

Professional experience and achievement

Jacob is an online marketing consultant at a large Danish web agency. He says he loves to do consulting for large e-commerce websites, helping them with search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and building great new features for their users.


Everything on the Internet, but he mainly focuses on things related to e-commerce, which is how he became involved in cryptocurrencies.

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Jacob bought his first Bitcoins in 2013 and started later the same year. He bought the bitcoins through one of the most popular exchanges and felt it was very difficult for new users to get started using cryptocurrencies, mainly because of the complicated sign-up process and long waiting times. That was his motivation for creating, to lower the entry barriers for new users.

Role in the Bitcoin community

To make it easier for users to get their hands on the most popular coins.