Personal details

Jaques Coetsee

Current lives in South Africa



High-School and Tertiary certifications and courses (Multiple)

Professional experience

9 years’ experience in the Information Technology (IT) space

Specifically involved in Enterprise services including but not limited to:

Servers, Networking, Virtual Hypervisors, Data Protection, Telco Optimization, SAN Storage, WAN Networks, Data Backup and Restore, Branch Consolidation, Data Centre health and operational management etc.


All things technology/internet: Jaques has been involved in the Technology space form the onset, and has always found the latest developments in tech/gadgets profound and interesting. He always had a passion for the growth and movement and how technology has improved over the years and to witness how it has changed the lives of people.

First experience with crypto currencies

The first interaction and involvement with cryptocurrencies was in November 2013 and round about the time the Bitcoin price was sky high. It was clear to Jaques that here was something that could fundamentally change the future and its disruptive capability had him interested, so he started as many do looking into the mining aspects and soon enough found himself looking at all the possible layers that this new technology could bring to the people, and he has been hooked on its development ever since.

Role in Bitcoin community

CO Founder and CEO of BItmagnet, which is a digitally disruptive South African based cryptocurrency startup based on 3 principles and 3 key focus areas which the company wholeheartedly believes are fundamental to the mass adoption of Bitcoin/Blockchain/Crypto’s:  ADOPT.EMPOWER.CHANGE.

“We will soon share more definitive information regarding the business cases we aim to approach first,” says Jaques. “We have a big amount of highly tangible items, we will share once ready. We are a kind of ‘Think Tank’ for cryptocurrency and consultancy based services for digital currency.