Personal Details

Jason Williams, born 1972, currently living in Sydney, Australia


Attended the University of Western Sydney to study a Bachelor of Business majoring in computing information systems, dropped out two-thirds of the way through due to work and family commitments.

Professional experience and achievement

Jason started his career at a major Australian bank, then he developed his skills working across multiple disciplines, including fraud prevention and management accounting before settling in at an Australian startup dedicated to the rollout of cable internet across Australia.

In 2002, Jason moved to the Netherlands, where he lead a core group of people dedicated to the maintenance and operation of business critical provisioning systems in the now-second largest ISP, Ziggo.

After returning to Australia in 2008, he moved into a role on the project team to implement an AML solution for the St. George bank. During his tenure with St. George, the bank was acquired by Westpac, and he moved across into the team to develop and deliver a similar solution.


Watching movies, mountain biking, exercise, long walks on the beach

First experience with cryptocurrencies

A friend introduced Jason to Bitcoin in 2010. He thought the concept was great but predicted it wouldn’t be a big hit.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Jason co-founded the BitcoinSYD meetup group in 2013 after being astonished one didn’t already exist. He is a founding member and current sitting president of the Bitcoin Association of Australia, founder of the Bitcoin Professionals meetup group, and co-founder of his own Bitcoin startup, BitPOS.

He has also appeared in the media a bit, having done national media interviews in both print and TV as well as quite a few radio interviews.