Personal Details

John Barrett

Bitcoins & Gravy Podcast Founder, Host

Nashville, Tennessee


Twitter: @BTCandG

Professional experience

Self employed since 1999 as an Estate Researcher in the field of Probate Research.
He has worked in the music business, Radio Promotions and Production, banking, landscaping, bar tending, construction, public transportation, and maintenance.


Graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Public Address from Indiana University


Musical composition and performance, audio engineering and production, woodworking, podcasting, writing, reading, science, research, and of course Bitcoin

First experience with cryptocurrencies 

John first discovered Bitcoin in early 2011 through his interest and research in Numismatics and Silver. He began studying Bitcoin technology and immediately discovered an interesting sub culture of techies, nerds and speculators where he fit right in.

In early 2014, together with a local recording studio owner by the name of Elijah "Lij" Shaw, John entered the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast competition held by then Editor in Chief, Adam B. Levine. The Bitcoins and Gravy podcast won the Editor's Choice award, which included a 12 week pilot podcast on the LTB Network and on KCAA Radio in Loma Linda, California. A short time after, he was sent to the Texas Bitcoin Conference by Adam B. Levine to conduct interviews for the show and to play John’s original composition, Ode to Satoshi [The Official Bitcoin Song].

“The highlight of the trip was a live performance in front of Andreas Antonopoulos and James D'Angelo who sat in the front row during the concert,” says John.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Halfway through 2014 Lij decided to leave the show to pursue his studio work and his other musical projects. I continue to produce Bitcoins and Gravy, which is now in its 54th week of production. With my trusty Siberian Husky, Maxwell by my side, I interview experts and everyday people from around the globe about Bitcoin, the future of Digital Currencies and the innovations behind evolving economies.