KnCMiner one of the leading mining companies of the market announced a new project called “Neptune”. It is a next generation product for bitcoin mining. It will use 20 nm chips and providing as a minimum 3TH of power.

One of the founders of the company, Sam Cole, promises that the new product will be available for shipping at the end of the winter or in the beginning of the next year’s spring. The current generation boxes of 28 nm consume much more power, the new items will need 30% less energy being more productive.

The company KnCMiner uses an old-fashioned business model. Before launching a new product they give detailed, but nominal specifications of it. In future, using all the models the result is always much better than expected. For example the last generation “Jupiter” had to deliver 400GH per second, but physically the users reported up to 550-576 GH per second.

Once again the same strategy is imposed on the new product. The 3 TH is a minimal value, but the performance can become even better.

The main competitors also are launching new projects. HashFast promised the shipment of their new product of 0,65 watts per GH per second by the end of the last month. Cointerra marked as the shipping date the beginning of November. Both reduced prices, but Cole is sure that their offer is above this competition – a better performance, stable deliveries.

The announced product, the box will come with a caveat. There are warnings that many households will not be able to deal with the new product because of the existing parameters of the electrical supply provided by almost all companies. The situation is totally different in Europe – big cities of Germany, Sweden and other countries are ready for such units and can provide the necessary power supply.

The next generation after the “Neptune” might be unusable in the simple and regular households in the US. Still Cole says that there will be a basic configuration for all customers, but some changes might be made during the pre-order program. Only several electrical fuses might allow the users in many regions of the country to reach the peak of the new unit. Cole explains that a household somewhere in the EU might run more chips than one located in the States, but when more power occurs or is specially provided next switched off chips will automatically turn on.

The manufacturer of the product is the long lasting partner of the KnCMiner the TSMC. Their representative says that cost of production is three times bigger than for the 28 nm boxes. Such rise of prices is unbelievable as the mining sphere of the bitcoin community is one of the struggling links of the whole chain.

To make a compliment to the company KnCMiner is very reliable partner, no deadlines of their schedule was ever missed and all deliveries were made on time. The amount of orders is rapidly growing and has exceeded 30 million dollars.

Remember, for those, who already are customers and have decided on a pre-order – the prices for the boxes surely will be reduced.