LA Hair Stylist Accepting Bitcoin

Stop the presses. Listen up.

California-based hair stylist Bee Bond has announced that she is now accepting Bitcoin for cuts, color, and all your hair-based needs.

“After seeing my boyfriend pretty much obsessed with bitcoin, I decided to take a look for myself,” Bond wrote in a self-advertisement on Reddit, saying that she was attracted to the idea in part because of the astronomical operating fees charged by credit cards.

“Depending on how busy I am, I pay somewhere between 300-600 dollars a month in fees for the privilege of using credit cards!” she said. “For someone who operates on a pretty tight margin, I love the idea of low to no fees, and being my own bank. So now I accept bitcoin!”

Bond has registered her business on CoinMap, which maps the locations of cryptocurrency-accepting businesses in any given area around the world. There are so far two other hair salons in Los Angeles listed on the site, but Bond’s is the only one in the Santa Monica area.

Her cuts don’t come cheap, but at $90 for women and $65 for men, they’re not unaffordable either.

An up-and-coming small business accepting Bitcoin to cut out the bank middleman, eliminate unnecessary charges, and take full control of its own electronic money? That’s what Bitcoin is all about.

If you’re in LA and in need of a trim, support Bitcoin in small business and check out Bond’s website here.

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