La Maison du Bitcoin
Finally, Europe gets ready to open its first Bitcoin Center. 

Previously, on the New Year’s Eve, the first Bitcoin center was opened in New York City, in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. The aim of the New York’s center is to provide Bitcoin services, advice and general information. 

La Maison du Bitcoin (The House of Bitcoin) will become the first physical Bitcoin center in Europe. It will be opened in the heart of France on May the 13th. 

According to official information a new center is going to be located on 35 Rue du Caire in Paris, and takes 220 square meter (2368 square feet) area – all dedicated to Bitcoin entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. 

A French Bitcoin Center will host various Bitcoin meetings, thematic training, hackathons and work space for bitcoin-related companies. Also it will hold a SHA56/Scrypt Bitcoin mining machine and Bitcoin ATM. 

The La Maison du Bitcoin will be managed by Eric Larcheveque and Thomas France, the founders of Epic Dream SAS and Prixing. 

Today all developer and Bitcoin enthusiasts who have a solid and ambitious project are welcomed to join the community at La Maison du Bitcoin. 

The new Bitcoin center hopes to foster the emergence, development and promotion of digital currency in Paris. 

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