Blockchain technology is already recognized as a disruptive force in the industry. However, its complex algorithms and decentralized format are not the only things that will propel its adoption. Applications or use cases that truly position the technology for widespread usage across several industries will play a significant role as well. In the case of the blockchain, this adoption is said to be led by gaming, an industry ready for a new foundation, as the technology’s first “real use case.”

Consider that with blockchain, the monopolistic market could shift to a multiverse with more immersive games than previously seen, an aspect that can be partially attributed to the involvement that players have in the development process. Despite the theoretical ability to decentralize power, players often lack the same access to marketing and development support that big tech companies have at their disposal. For these reasons, support systems like incubators have taken center stage across the world of gaming.

Seedify has continued to position itself as the blockchain industry’s leading gaming incubation and launchpad platform by providing curated initial game offerings (IGOs) and support for crowdfunding and marketing. With continuous efforts and commitment to driving GameFi innovation, the team has since led the introduction of multiple new products over the past few months, further ensuring native token holders are being appropriately rewarded.

In more recent news, Seedify made the announcement to introduce four projects that are undergoing incubation, including Aradena, Lidyverse, Astro Hounds and League of Empires, each demonstrating its own take on the blockchain gaming and metaverse space. By utilizing this platform, projects such as the ones listed above gain access to an extensive support system, complete with consulting services, marketing support, tokenomics design, network and other partnership opportunities.

An in-depth look at incubation

Core to the project’s support is the NFT launchpad, which introduces new opportunities for SFUND token holders to gain early access to in-game digital assets. Tier-qualifying SFUND holders are then allowed to purchase these assets at mint or presale prices or may choose to buy tokens through an initial game offering from the accompanying IGO launchpad. The interface is user-friendly, addressing the current shortcomings of existing NFT marketplaces.

NFTs can also be found in Seedify’s dedicated NFT space, where participants will come across their own native utility token, SNFTS. SNFTS unlock additional abilities to increase RNG rates, receive rarer NFT rewards and reduce marketplace fees (1% instead of 2%). That said, fees can’t be eliminated completely as they are required in the funding of the NFT reward pool, supporting the Seedify NFT treasury, maintaining a healthy circulating supply with token burns and facilitating buybacks when necessary.

To get ahold of SNFTS, users will not be able to purchase them directly and must instead receive them through airdrop after staking SFUND tokens.

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Holders of SFUND tokens also gain access to additional benefits, such as distributing tokens from incubated projects to the rest of the platform users and the seed staking mechanism. The first of the two benefits is possible through the exclusive relationships between projects requiring heavy support and the number of tokens they provide back to the platform and then to stakeholders and farmers, tying into the second of the two benefits.

As of April 8, the seed staking feature was released, an offering that relies on a point accrual system based on wallets participating in the staking and farming program to ensure early-stage projects are well supported and token holders are rewarded for their loyalty.

Ready for launch

The incubator, which is already positioned as one of the leading solutions on the market, has solidified its place by achieving over 50 sold-out IGOs and has secured partnerships with Metrix Capital, Elrond, Polygon, YGG, GGG and Game Chance, among others.

The industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, which means that as an incubator, Seedify must also consider ways to improve its offering continually. Looking forward to another year, the platform’s roadmap includes the release of an NFT launchpad, SNFTS tokens and the start of the seed staking program. Seedify has also shared its increasing focus on in-game and metaverse assets, which will become available in the NFT Marketplace.

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