Starving artists, filthy rich musicians, and everyone in between in the world of arts wants you to support their craft via Bitcoin. Whether the artists believe Bitcoin unites people by using one currency or whether they realize that it’s simply more convenient for people to make payments a la digital currency, the community is growing. Check out who’s who.

The most recent artist to accept the digital currency is Ryan Bliss. Sound familiar? Well Doc prepare for a blast to the past. Bliss is the designer and creator of Digital Blashphemy, the website has been producing imaginative and colorful desktop backgrounds since 1997. The reaction to the artist accepting the digital currency via Coinbase has been positive and given a few readers a trip down memory lane.

In the music world, singer Mel B, most famously known as Scary Spice of the Spice Girls, allowed fans to buy a copy of her single “For Once In My Life” via Bitcoin. Mel teamed up with the team in order to make the digital leap. She even explained her reasoning, saying ““Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency. They can just pay using bitcoins!”

Mel is not the only singer who believes the cryptocurrency is uniting her fans beyond the QR code. Gramnominated singer Carolyn Malachi explained why she began accepting bitcoin for her music:

“I began accepting Bitcoin for music sales in October 2013. Because no bank or government regulates the cryptocurrency, I can sell my CDs to people who live in countries where traditional forms of payment are not accepted. When I see that songs like ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ and ‘Free Your Mind’ have reached people around the world, in physical CD format, I smile.” 

Other smaller independent music acts have embraced Bitcoin, while a Bitcoin forum has begun collecting the names and websites of visual artists accepting the cryptocurrency. Even a small woodwork shop based in Northern California is on the Bitcoin Express.

As the Bitcoin Music Fest revs up this summer, other open airs and music festivals accept payments via bitcoin, and Snoop Dogg “jokes” about how his next record will be “available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone,” (p.s. someone make that happen), it’s clear that bitcoin is definitely not a one-hit wonder in the creative arts world.