Don’t get confused – Virtex is an ambitious startup from Lithuania, but CaVirtex is an experienced exchange company operating on the Canadian market! There is nothing more in common apart from the similar names of the services. On the contrary – the Baltic team has global plans.
Road to the Top
Virtex is based in Kaunas in the Lithuania. The small city was once the capital of Lithuania, but having lost this privilege, the city has made a mark for itself as the technological and economic center of the country.
CEO Paulius Meskauskas, CMO Tomas Andzelis and CRO Mantas Gustys are the heart of the new exchange with a team of 20 strong specialists. Their approach is proactive: create your own future and it will pay out soon. As they state on their website:
“We wanted to get immersed with the digital currency revolution, rather than watch it from the sidelines.”
Virtex is going to be a service on 100% liquidity basis. The launch is planned in a month, while last minute preparations are being made for the launch.