On 5 April, the O2 in London, also known as the North Greenwich Arena, will host the first Bitcoin Fight Night in history. The goal is to bring the Bitcoin community and martial arts together. The event will include an 8-man K-1 kickboxing tournament. The winner will receive a prize in Bitcoin equivalent to 5,000 British pounds.

The Press Release of the Event


The spokesperson for the first Bitcoin Fight Night is Patrick Carroll. He describes the rules of the tournament as follows:

"We have put together an 8-man elimination K-1 Rules tournament where the winner will receive £5000 in Bitcoin.  We have sourced the absolute best fighters from the UK and Europe and they are ready to put on a great show for the martial arts and Bitcoin fans."

The administration came up with the following idea during the recent Coinscrum event:

“We originally came up with the idea of a Bitcoin fight night while attending a Bitcoin meet-up group called Coinscrum in central London.”